History footpath 20

The green lane from the end of Playingfield Lane to the Broiler House ie from TG453176 to TG458174

Physical Character and Historical Ecology

The green lane begins where the surfaced road – Playingfield Lane ends at the club house beside the Playing Field.  This is a very ancient track which can be identified on Faden’s Map of 1797. Its existence is shown on the Enclosure Map of 1812, however west of Rollesby Road it is not numbered. 

The part of the green lane which continues on the east side of Rollesby Road appears on Faden’s Map and it is shown as Private Road No. 8 on the Enclosure Map going right through to Martham Hall.  However, when the railway was built, the lane to Martham Hall was blocked.  As a through lane it seems to have been abandoned and become part of the adjacent field which is surprising as it would have seemed an appropriate place for a level crossing.  It would have been the route to the main road to Rollesby from Martham Hall.

Where the track starts at the end of the Playing Field, there is a hedge on the west side with possibly a ditch in the dense undergrowth. The hedge has numerous species including hawthorn, blackthorn, bramble, ivy, sycamore, oak, elder and holly. The lane continues between the fences of the two sections of the playing field. On the south side is a hedge of hawthorn.

Across Rollesby Road the lane continues east. It is about 12 feet in width, with on the north side a ditch with a hedge on the far side and the fences of the gardens of the properties on the housing estate.  On the south side of the lane are open fields. At the end of the lane is a broiler farm and bungalow.

1.  Looking back at the beginning of the track

2.  Looking back from the next bend in the track

3.  The point where the track crosses Rollesby Road

4.  Looking east from Rollesby Road

5.  Looking back (west) along the same part of the track

6.  Looking east at the end of the track at TG458174

7.  Looking east at the end of the track where it used to continue towards Martham Hall before it was closed when the railway was built.


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1_ Looking
                      back at the beginning of the
2_ Looking
                      back from the next bend in t
3_ The point
                      where the track crosses Ro (1)
4_ Looking
                      east from Rollesby Road
5_ Looking
                      back (west) along the same p
6_ Looking
                      east at the end of the track
7_ Looking
                      east at the end of the track