Anna and David Hinderer

The life of David Hinderer has been published in Germany in 2021.  It provides a useful and uplifting biography of David's life, and of Anna's work too.  A full version is available by kind permission of the researchers.   To read it click on the link here.  

The researchers came across David's story when visiting Martham, as described by Uwe Jens Wandel below.

[Photographs: Anna and David Hinderer's gravestone (top right); the old Rectory at Martham (bottom left) - photos Chris Harrison; and Ann Meakin's book on Anna Hinderer (bottom right)]
                grave marker

'We came across the grave of the Hinderers by chance during our annual holiday in 2013 in Norfolk, thanks to the Martham Parish Church Brief History & Guide, a church guide produced by Chris HARRISON and Ann MEAKIN, Martham 2010. It is also mentioned in the short guide Welcome to the Parish Church of St.
Mary the Virgin. It was also helpful to have a list of burial sites in the church (which are preserved indefinitely in England). The Norfolk Family History Society (Ms. Mary Mitchell) helped us decipher the original funerary inscription, whom we warmly thank.

In 2017 the grave markers (top right) were restored by Colin Smith and you can hear about his work here.  The Hinderers lived for a short time in the old Rectory at Martham (below), where Anna died on 6th June 1870.  David Hinderer was employed as the Curate here from 1869 when the couple left Nigeria, to 1873.  The blue plaque to Anna and David was dedicated by the Bishop of Norwich in 2017 and is described here.  If you want to read about Anna's work in Nigeria there is a readable account here.  The extraordinary life of Anna can be explored in Ann Meakin's book, available in the library (bottom right).

To download the pdf of the book on David Hinderer click here, or on the blue font below.

David Hinderer (1819–1890) - from Birkenweissbuch to Ibadan


On the family, youth and conversion of a Württemberg missionary



Uwe Jens Wandel and Gudrun Emberger

(Published in Blätter für württembergische Kirchengeschichte, 2019/2020, Volume 119/120, Issue 2, pp. 689-708. Trans. R. Meakin.)


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