History walk 7

The track from Common Road to Repps Road ie from TG438178 to TG441173

Physical Character

This level track goes in a nearly straight line from Common Road, initially between two cropped fields with no boundary features.  It is a ‘green lane’ about 12 feet wide.  Where it passes to the west of a house there is a modern privet hedge alongside the garden.  Farther on there is a row of young trees on the east side.  These are of cherry, oak, ash, elder, poplar and sycamore  

Historical Ecology

The beginning of the path between the crops crosses what was once part of the Common.   It then passes very close to where there was at one time a Tithe Barn where the crops, contributed in Tithes, would have been stored.

The track continues south-easterly to Repps Road where it continues as a narrow footpath on the opposite side of the B1152, in Rollesby Parish, in a straight line to the main road (A149) through Rollesby.

1. The track leaves Common Road at TG438178

2. The track continues south-easterly

3. Looking back NW where the track reaches Repps Road

4. The track continues straight on across the B1152 road in Rollesby Parish


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1_ The track
                      leaves Common Road at TG438
2_ The track
                      continues south-easterly_jp
3_ Looking back
                      NW where the track reach
4_ The track
                      continues straight on acros