Martham History Trail 2020

We have just published for the first time our Martham History Trail, with photographs and annotation by MLHG members, led by Ann Meakin.

The trail starts at St Mary's Church in Black Street where there is a car park.  The walk will take you about an hour altogether, walking at a leisurely pace.

There are two documents (right): they are jpeg photos.  You can download both of them.  To download, right click on the photo you want. Click on 'save image as' and save to your own files.  Then print off in the usual way.

For those with smart phones the pages can be viewed just as they are.  Eventually they will be made into two QR codes  which will one day make it easier.

Tell us how you get on!

To look at other historic walks around Martham click here.


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Martham Trail

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