History projects

In these project pages you will find essays on farming in 19th Century Somerton; information on John Turner CGM a hero of the First World War; an essay on the world of the military volunteers - the Militia - in Flegg; an essay on the occupations of Martham people before 1800, which can be deduced from their wills; and a set of photographs and description of the historic footpaths around Martham and some wonderful aerial photographs of the village too.  Also included are projects related to the enclosures
and a number of projects related to specific buildings in Martham, like Martham House; Martham House Threshing Barn which still stands, and Elmside HouseJohn Wilson's photographs tell a delightful story and there is an extraordinary link with a Strawberry Fruit Box.  As more projects are undertaken we will feature these too.  Other projects include:
Anna and David Hinderer


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